A Gateway is a special controller of splits and joins:

  • A split is one incoming path split into multiple outgoing paths
  • A join is a merge of several incoming paths into one outgoing path

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The table above was created in MS Visio, using a stencil I created containing the notation above – this makes it easier to draft models in Visio.  The original notation I used in my stencil were sourced from some good guys at bpmresearch and I refined them a little for my own purpose. In the spirit of open source (!) I also provide my stencil here for BPMN Gateway, (simply save the zip file to your desktop, unzip the file and copy the BPMN Gateway.vss file to your My Shapes folder – then, open MS Visio and go to File > Shapes > Open stencil… Select BPMN Gateway.vss and open it. Voila!)

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