If you don’t use propane hoses and they bore you, don’t read this article!

For the rest of us, I wanted to write about this because I love the ‘quick release’ connector for the lampworking studio* 🙂

As part of my atelier equipment inspection and leak testing (before each lampworking session) I check the propane hose o-rings. Moisture does corrode these rings after a while but so long as they aren’t a cause for leaks its fine. However, the reason I write the article is that I find the o-rings on my ‘quick-release’ connector are particularly prone to corrosion.

The same type of o-rings are used on the propane tank hose attachment and I have not had to replace them at all over the last 8 months (even though they’re more exposed to all weathers).

Corroded o-ring

Corroded o-ring

So, I am wondering if this could be related to the regular action of manually connecting and disconnecting the ‘quick release’ joint. During torch sessions, when the ‘quick release’ is connected, this part of the hose section is outside of the atelier and obviously exposed to all weathers.  When not in use, it is disconnected – one part of the hose stays outside (because it is attached to the propane tank that is outside – an absolute MUST!), and, the other part of the hose is in the atelier attached to the torch.

Changing the o-rings doesn’t take long at all, so there is no real problem. This is just something I observed and pondered upon!

Now I’m checking the grades of metal of these o-rings. Maybe I can source a much higher quality product and be corrision-free… 🙂

Happy crimping!


* The working practice in my studio serves to meet high safety regulations at any one point in time. With respect to each country’s regulations, I find those in the USA are the best (to date); I provide some links about this in a previous article.

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