Discovering the language of colour

As a continuation from the first colour experiment I wrote about, this experiment* is about using colour as a means to visualise and express a season.

There are usually four seasons in northern Europe – though this is debatable looking at the weather in Belgium this year! – but we are still able to see how colours change through the year and be aware of how these colours make us feel.

An expression in colour of the season Autumn

For this experiment, I used my  Nintendo DSi XL with the Art Academy software; you can easily build a palette of colours for this experiment from the tubes provided (with real paints I suggest you have black, white, green, blue, violet, crimson, red, orange and yellow available).

An expression in colour of the season Spring

So starting with the first season, I closed my eyes and thought about it… visualising the colours of the season and how that season makes me feel.

I then put together these colours on my palette, starting with 2-3 colours and mixed these to create more colours.

An expression in colour of the season Summer

Then working fast and without much thinking, I briskly applied the paint from my palette.

I avoided painting recognisable shapes, symbols, objects, etc. so as not to distract from the colour expression.

For each season, I repeated the above exercise starting with a fresh palette of colours each time.

In the Art Academy software, you can build up palettes very quickly without the expense of using real paints – this is really useful for initial experimentation.

My four seasons of northern Europe are pictured here. The colours may not mean the same to you, but they may be close.

An expression in colour of the season Winter

* I credit the inspirational Betty Edwards for this experiment, from her book Color: A Course in Mastering the Art of Mixing Colors.

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