Sketch drawing using palette of Yellow and Violet

I have a passion for building really quick palettes in ‘free studio’ mode, using the Art Academy: First Semester software. I just think of a hue, suiting my mood, and then I choose a harmonious scheme to see if  I produce an eye-candy palette!

Take the hues Yellow and Violet,the two complements, for example.  These are probably not immediately considered to be attractive colours when used together, but this apple seems to be quite funky wearing such colours!

Developing the palette a little further

Yellow to black palette (centre circle) versus Yellow to blue examples

If we want to take these complements a little further, we can also apply black to Yellow – which as you will find creates some smooth smokey greens! (see the palette shown here, in the centre circle)

Just for comparison, take these smokey greens and compare them to those greens created from applying blue to Yellow, instead of black (see the left-most palette which shows a warm light blue applied to Yellow, and the right-most palette shows a cool dark blue applied to Yellow).

Creating a palette using just Yellow, Violet, white and black, can provide a very nice range of greens (that are already harmonised) without too much thinking!

In the Nintendo software, the palette looks something like this:

Yellow and Violet palette, using Art Academy software

  • In the first column on the left, there is Violet and shades of Violet (by adding black, we have deep violets)
  • In the next column, there is Yellow and shades of Yellow (by adding black, we have those smokey greens)
  • The top-right quartet shows two tints of Violet (by adding white) and two tones of Yellow
  • The bottom-right quartet shows mixes of Violet with Yellow, and Yellow with Violet
  • Finally, there are two tones in the centre of the quartet (where a tiny amount black has been added to the Violet tints to create very light greys)

From this palette of just Yellow, Violet, white and black, we can paint almost anything!

Sketch painting using palette of Yellow and Violet


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