Leaving the warmth of sunnier days for a cooler climate always leaves me yearning for the sunset. Living in Brussels, there are not too many of these to keep me satiated. So I painted the first of several to come to get me through the Belgian summer! This painting is based on a photograph I took from flight SN3820 from Lisbon to Brussels.

I created this sunset one late evening using my Nintendo DSi XL. In ‘free studio’ mode, in the Art Academy: First Semester software, I set up a simple palette of red-oranges and blues.  On this occasion, I wished to practice my colour theory studies by identifying the hues, values and saturation myself, so I built up the palette slowly and mixed carefully*. I used a broad flat brush for the canvas wash – one half light blue, the other very light red-orange. The layers of colour were applied with a series of flat and round brushes with varying water saturation, followed by the last finer details applied with a small round brush.

Lisbon sunset from flight 3820


* For speed, you can also use the colour-picker tool to capture the colour you want to mix on the palette. Just click the colour wheel button and use the stylus to ‘pin’ the colour you want to create – this function will not put the colour straight into your palette (!), but it does assist  you in building up the right hue, value and saturation by showing you where your mixed hue is compared to the ‘pinned colour’ on the colour wheel.  I find this tool extremely useful for colour theory and experimenting, without the expense of using the real media!

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2 Responses to “Flight SN3820”

  1. Hypersext says:

    This one is really amazing. Hard to believe it was done on a little gaming console!

    • Thanks for the nice feedback 🙂 The hardest part of such a painting is keeping the sun ‘hot and simmering’, even when its setting! I’ve done a few sunsets now and they are very tricky to do. I’ll post some this weekend if I get a chance.


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