If you love the opportunity to photograph and sketch challenging subjects and capture movement, then the Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is just the place for you!

Professional models: burlesque performer Colette Collerette, and Boris De Bisschop

I enjoyed a wonderful evening in Gent where Dr Sketchy’s hosted a special VE-Day event at the Jan Cocteau club. The decor, the glamour, the music, the people… all contributed to make the ambience extremely relaxing and stimulating, and every artist and photographer truly enjoyed themselves. It was a shame the party couldn’t go on past dawn!

Dr Sketchy’s professional models

Warming up my pencils!

An active audience of artists and photographers

Fellow artist’s approach to warming his pencil!

Beautiful decor in Jan Cocteau

Professional models: Miss Coco of The Smokettes and Boris De Bisschop

Dr Sketchy’s professional model

Colette Collerette and Dr Sketchy’s professional model

During sketching sessions, we were entertained by The Smokettes, followed by the burlesque performer Colette Collerette. These were great opportunities to try out the digital SLR sports settings, although looking at my results I need a bit more learning experience to do these ladies justice…

The Smokettes entertain us, sailor style!

The Smokettes pout like no other!

Burlesque dance performed by Colette Collerette

Burlesque dance performed by Colette Collerette

Burlesque dance performed by Colette Collerette

I swapped my pens for the camera a lot, so my drawings are fewer than I would have liked. Next time, I’ll make sure to get more ink on paper and maybe work on larger formats!

Concentrate, concentrate….how does that curve meet that line?

Apple offering, 2013

Green Eyes, 2013

White Lines, 2013

Feathers, 2013

So an excellent time was had, and I can’t wait for the next one!

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2 Responses to “Living and breathing the arts in Gent”

  1. SvenL says:

    I really love your drawings, they look superb! My fave in this list is your ‘Apple offering’. It sure was a great night out with a nice decor and great shows, and it felt really good to draw again after a +10 years pause. So thanks a lot for the invite, and looking forward too to have a drawing evening like this again! x

    • I think the models, the ambience, the music, … make it all more magical and stimulating for artists than the environments at formal art schools – just my personal opinion! And with regular attendance to Dr Sketchy’s, we can get up to speed in producing more works, larger works and taking full advantage of the whole night. So yeah, I’m really looking forward to the next one!!!!!!!! Keep those pens warm! 😉


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