Sometimes I enjoy the pure pleasure of hopping links between websites in search for the most curious information; instead of just book-marking these links for myself, I thought I might dedicate a small article for the special ones.

One brilliant curiosity I came across was the EggBot kit from Evil Mad Science, as shown here in the photo.

The amazing EggBot. Image from

Every school should have these kits in their common rooms. As well as the sheer pleasure of robot-building, this is also a very cool art project for students. For the more technically-minded, its an opening into the world of open source thinking, and for the budding art student, its an opportunity to learn some free graphics applications and paint everything round!

Maybe this could even bring a smile to the most severe of physics teachers…?

One day I will have one… even if I have to buy a little chicken farm as an excuse to paint eggs all day!



Originally published: Monday, October 10th, 2011 at 21:17 in Celebrating Art, Inspiration


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2 Responses to “Love the idea of this – the EggBot!”

  1. Emidio says:

    Interesting but I still believe that a manual painting gives more satisfaction.


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