Having now completed all the lessons in Art Academy: First Semester, as discussed in my earlier related articles Nintendo Stylus in Hand! and More Fun with my Nintendo DSi XL!,  I decided to post the final work completed and add a few points on finishing touches.

The Wave lesson takes you into the realms of learning to feel movement with the stylus and riding the surf! It’s tricky to perform this within the limits of a 10.8cm diameter touchscreen, I admit,  but somehow you manage to disappear into a miniature world and the space becomes much bigger… I imagine it must be a bit like walking through the wardrobe to the chronicles of Narnia!

Wave (painted using Art Academy software for Nintendo DSi XL)

I followed Vince through the lesson to create the Wave but at the end I felt he didn’t quite help you out with the finishing touches on the crest – he added the foaminess and catching the light amongst the dense mist, but not the crashing sprays at the crest. I added these myself by scratching at the crest in mid-strength light paints using no water. I also slightly altered the flow of the water in the bottom right of the painting to demonstrate the very slight vortex action that the wave has on the smaller waves; I used the darker paints for this. I also used a watered-down grey in very light strength to create light mist in the bottom left.

The supplementary lesson continues the practice of working with water.  This time it aims to capture the choppy coast-side waters, in early Springtime perhaps, and practice the use of light and shadow for movement in the sails. I decided to keep this painting very ‘watery’, so I rarely used the palette without water  – exceptions being a few wave crests in strong-strength white, and the tiller, hull and mast in black and perylene violet-colour  in the finishing touches.

Red Sails (painted using Art Academy software for Nintendo DSi XL)

So now I’ll continue to use the ‘open studio’ for my own studies, in paint and drawing, and move onto Art Academy: Second Semester, which I’m really looking forward to it!

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