I saw three unusual papier-mâché boxes (2nd pic below) and I just HAD to have them!

The real ideas for what to do with them came later, like all instinctive purchases! I just knew they would be fun to play with.


My ideas evolved with references to sacred symbolism and geometry, and over time these boxes unwittingly became a set of pyxides! Each pyxis is unique, holding its own set of “messages” and attributes.

Papier-mâché boxes in their raw state

I used a variety of materials for these pyxides: Marabu Metallic Liners, various metallic inks and crayons, and Miyuki seed beads. The Artemio mosaic glue dries transparent, but I’m careful to ensure glue is applied neatly!

Artemio adhesive and mosaic

Assortment of mosaic pieces

I always like to apply first coats as a means to get a feel of the hues, in case the colours are not working for me. It also helps when using colour theory to attain harmony in the work!

Papier-mâché box first coat to set the tone

Papier-mâché box second coat using Marabu’s Metallic Liners

Once the early coats have dried, the real magic of creating these pyxides can begin!

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6 Responses to “Papier-mâché pyxides”

  1. Jude says:

    Utterly beautiful!! Wonderful work ma soeur

  2. Chokotoff says:

    Pomgranate… 🙂
    I love!

  3. SvenL says:

    Very nice! All your creativity and love went into it!


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