Finished set of lampwork beads, using the orange beads from earlier, along with those created in this project

Today’s bead feast included a play with a new Effetre colour for me – Coral (#1420) – which is known to vary from orange to coral red depending on the batch of glass.

These rod feels very rough to touch but once molten and annealed it turns out shiny and bright 🙂 I think my batch is quite orange…

I also introduced a very beautiful opaque blue glass – Light Sky Blue (#1224). This is really easy to handle in the flame too and hence a joy to work with 🙂  I’ll find more uses for it!

Glass rods used for the lampworking

I accidentally also used Anise White (#1208) on a few beads above, which I should have recognised as it spits flying bits everywhere when you place it in the flame! Each colour has its own behaviour and this one requires special attention!

This project’s beads in Coral and Light Sky Blue as the ‘show stars’!

Another reason I wish to avoid using Anise White instead of Pastel White is that it’s very useful for creating reactions with other colors when intended! One lovely example of such experimentation is written by the glass artist of Raspberry Rings. I love how she writes about it and her work is incredible!

Other glass rods used for this project: Translucent Orange (#1422), Light Red (#1428), Dark Red (#1436), Pastel White (#1204), Light Sky Blue, Pale Blue (#1050), Clear (#1004), Coral, and, Medium Red (#1432).

And a little afterplay…

I created a few twisted stringers in Pastel White and Light Cobalt (#1240), and applied them to a few beads here.

Using Pastel White and Light Cobalt twisted stringers

The core bead blues are transparent Cobalt (#1060), transparent Dark Blue (#1056) and opaque Dark Turquoise (#1236). The red stringer is Dark Red, a glass colour I just adore!

And below, something a little experimental based on my ideas for my Valentine’s choker, which I hope will be ready by 14 February!
The glass rods used are Dark Red, Medium Red and Clear. I have many other reds to try out, so that will be my fun in the coming week 🙂

I wish to credit Serena’s Beadery for her cataloguing of all the glass rod colours, along with her special photos of the finished bead in its annealed state and also when it has been in etching fluid (creates a matt finish). I use her website a lot before ordering glass 🙂

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2 Responses to “Playing with Coral and Sky Blue”

  1. Julia Akers says:

    Wow stunning colours – I adore orange with blue – so unusual but works a treat – your colour theory knowledge is truly paying off with your glass work 😉 Love the cute red shapes too hehe

    • These beads will be on Etsy shortly, along with my latest sets for this summer called “Fruity Ibiza”!… That i, once my virtual shop-window is finished! Its taking time because I’m doing other arty stuff, like illustration work, tattoo designs, writing a book on sacred geometry, studying ancient civilizations, sewing clothes… et al! So much, maybe too much!
      Looking forward to our sunny trip ahead though – I really need the creative break, quite literally! X


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