The sunshine returned at last, the village traffic fell silent, and all rejoiced in their gardens to try out new bikinis, set up the BBQ, and maybe mow the lawn… And for me, I walked barefoot in the garden, watched insects and did a little art for the garden I appreciate so much 🙂

Cute metallic bug comes to check out the tree tattoo!

So, my first affection was for the wonderful tree near the patio; all I required was some silver-plated wire, some solar LEDs and seven brass screw eyes.
The tree was pretty cool with the little piercings… I had explained before I commenced that some pain for my affections was worth it, and all was well 🙂

Grounding some love for my rooted friend!

As darkness drew near, I sat by the tree waiting for the lights to come on. And so they did, and I’m sure I heard the tree giggle!

Illuminated love!

For my perfect north-facing atelier, I wished to place something sacred on the west-facing doors. I decided to suspend three glass ankhs from a copper bird feeder. Perfect for the shadows cast!

A trinity of Ankhs at sunset…

And then for my doors, I couldn’t resist …!

My glass atelier doors

Originally published: Saturday, May 17th, 2014 at 23:37 in Celebrating Art, Inspiration


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2 Responses to “Sacred garden”

  1. Coach M says:

    Lovely stuff! I want to hear the tree giggle too 😀


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