The radish is but a mere morsel we either adore or ignore…. ‘to eat’. But ‘to see’, the radish is not something you can ignore (though a colour deficiency may render this point null!)

I set myself a challenge to capture the intensity of the radish pink in a pastel drawing: a medium that comes as close to raw pigment as possible; a combination of hard, soft and extra soft pastels. Initially, I set out to work in dry pigment only, but later in the work I decided to explore how the application of water (by fine brush) may provide more blended texture and finer detail.

For the step-by-step stages of the study, see my related post.

Belgian Radishes, pastels 20x20cm

This is a soft pastel study of a bunch ofBelgian Radishes, on Royal Talens canvas board, drawn in April 2011.
Materials: Daler-Rowney pastel sheet, Rembrandt soft pastels, Sennelier extra soft pastels, Conté pastel pencils, Faber-Castell pastel pencils and paper wiper, and Daler-Rowney Perfix Colourless Fixative for pastels.

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