Whilst flicking through a flight magazine I spotted a small photograph of Bologna that instantly attracted my attention. I found these towers of Bologna waiting for the night very romantic, so I returned home with the intention of  recreating the feeling in paint!

I used my Nintendo DSi XL in ‘free studio’ mode (in the Art Academy: First Semester software) and set up a palette of blues, blue-violets, red-violets and red-oranges. I applied a broad flat brush-stroke of light blue of the whole canvas, then quickly sketched the architectural outline using a small round brush with light violet. Using small flat brushes I applied blocks of colour for the building and rooftops in the foreground, then blocks of colours for the background, including the towers. The smokey and hazy affects are enhanced by increasing the water and reducing the hue load on the brush – this create a fine wash to overpaint, but should be applied carefully as it can ‘blur’ the area too much.  Fine detail and highlights are applied as part of the finishing.

Torri di Bologna

Originally published: Saturday, July 16th, 2011 at 14:41 in Atelier, Inspiration


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