This was so easy to make I almost didn’t write the article! But, I have a few followers of my easy-peasy off-the-cuff recipes, so here goes! This is dedicated to them 🙂

First, note that garlic can be added, or not, as your tastes prefer! Same for seasoning with sea salt and/on ground peppercorns.

Thinly slice some raw potatoes (just like you would if preparing a Gratin Dauphinois) and some raw carrots. Chop some onions if you want. Cook these softly with a large knob of butter in a sauce pan. Then, crumble in a little vegetable stockcube and add as much turmeric as you like. Season to taste. Gently stir together.

Once these have nicely mellowed and yellowed together, add enough milk to cover the potatoes and carrots, and gently bring to a simmering boil. You may wish cover with a pan lid to speed it up! Takes less than 15 minutes for the potatoes and carrots to be ‘al dente’!

Then, add the sliced broccoli. and the sliced cheese of your choice – here, I added plenty of orange Mimolette. Keep everything very crisp and don’t over cook, i.e. 5 – 8 mins max!

For a touch of richness, you might also want to add a little cream…. but that’s just decadence isn’t it?!

Milky-buttery turmeric sauce with sliced potatoes, carrots and broccoli and melted Mimolette cheese!

Bon appétit! Eet smakelijk!

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4 Responses to “20-minute Pan-top Turmeric Gratin”

  1. Coach M says:

    Looking forward to a dose or three of this in the coming weeks. Kind of looks like a winter dish at first sight but light enough to work in warmer weather too. Mmm!

    • It’ll be perfect for your travels if all you have is a one-pot stove, soil-sprinkled root veg and fresh milk from a kindly cow! Not sure where you’ll source the turmeric unless someone has it growing wild like ole Jacob in Kerala 🙂

  2. […] This easy to make vegetarian dish (I’ve tried it only once and burnt it by mistake, sorry J! I […]

    • Dearest G! This is the 2nd time you report burning something to me 😉 Me thinks you’re getting too distracted in the kitchen… wink, wink… ! 😉 Missing you already too, but I’m wishing you TONS of fun and love in France. You deserve it! XXX


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