One of my biggest New Year’s resolutions is to continue on my spiritual discovery with my good friend ‘the serpent’ and my own inner goddess 😉

Honey coated rye-oat bread, topped with toasted coconut, bananas, walnuts and sprouts

2013 honoured me with so much magic that my full glass of cocktail vapours are still brimming with gratitude!
Besides all the recreational fun, there were many opportunities of discovery coming my way for more ‘love’ and less ‘fear’.

And now, in 2014 I continue the path to explore what I’m all about and where I might be going 🙂

As part of this exploration to ‘inner space’, I decided to return to vegetarian foods in January (so no more fish!) and enhance my ‘temple’ with powerful rainbow foods, i.e. eating plenty of greens like spinach, broccoli, watercress, along with some orange colours such as carrots, orange bell peppers, pumpkin, apricots, … and not forgetting those tasty reds like juicy strawberries, beetroot, chillies, etc. I’m using an excellent book at the moment for colour healing, which also explains the use of colours in the foods we eat: Crystal, Colour, and Chakra Healing. Thanks S for buying me this at Christmas!

Yummy! Spinach and apple juice smoothie ready for the straw!

Two books vital for any power goddess kitchen are The Food Doctor and Live Raw! My sister introduced me to both, so thanks to her too for enlightening me and keeping me healthy!

Indian-inspired breakfast!

This amazing breakfast is my little concoction, inspired by many yummy breakfasts I enjoyed in India: Simply smear some honey on sticky oaty rye bread, and top it with toasted coconut and bananas (only takes a few minutes in a pan to make this up).  Sprinkle some walnuts and sprouts on top for extra goodness.

Serve alongside a homemade fruit smoothie of choice – below I made a raspberry one and a pineapple one (each has a little honey mixed in for sweetness). I thank MP, the smoothie king, for inspiring me to make them myself!

This breakfast gets me through a day in the atelier without hunger pangs!

Honey coated rye-oat bread, topped with toasted coconut, bananas, walnuts and sprouts

Spinach and apple juice smoothie

Apple & spinach smoothie

This powerful apple and spinach smoothie is very easy to make. Just pop several hands full of spinach leaves with some stems in a large blending jug, along with some bio apple juice, and whizz away with the blender. Taste as you blend and add more juice or leaves as your taste desires. I make enough to last several days and store it in the fridge.
I clean my fruit and veg using a white vinegar soaking followed by a water rinsing, even if it’s bio and pre-rinsed.
I thank my budding herbalist friend, MJ, for advising me to put water back in the plants before eating them!

Super green dinner date with broccoli & spinach!

And here is a main course (15 mins to cook), prepared and enjoyed after my torchworking.
Red quinoa is made up with a little piece of vegetable stockcube (12-15 mins to cook).

In a pan, cook some sliced onions and garlic, crumble in a little vegetable stockcube, and then add in some sliced bell peppers and sliced broccoli. Add salt/ground pepper to taste. Add some cream or milk, and warm up but not boil. The peppers and broccoli should be barely cooked, keeping them very crisp and more nutritional 🙂 Top with chopped spinach leaves. (15 mins max to cook). Munch with delight!

Red quinoa served with a cream sauce of broccoli, onions, garlic and bell peppers, topped with spinach

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4 Responses to “A Green Goddess Day!”

  1. Coach M says:

    Ruddy marvellous!

    You’re going to have to make all of this for me when I get back from Frog!

  2. SvenL says:

    Happy to read you like the book and it’s at the right time (when you’re open to it). Good luck with the new life choices!


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