I’ve been making smoothies with this excellent little Breville blend-and-go machine for a few weeks now. I just LOVE it, so here I showcase it to maybe excite you too 🙂

You simply pop in whatever you like into the empty plastic bottle, such as fruit and vegetables chopped in small pieces, yoghurt, fruit juices, seeds and small nuts, and powders, etc. Screw on the plastic top (the blade is fitted inside this), and simply pop onto the base upside-down. Press the button for a few seconds and there you go!

If you’re not drinking it straightaway, screw on the special capped top and refridgerate it. You can drink it later on the run!

Alchemcial smoothies!

Alchemcial smoothies!

In this smoothie, along with the fresh oranges and juice, spinach leaves, red bell peppers and celery, I also added in chia seeds, and lucuma, wheatgrass and maca powders.

Blended in seconds!

Blended in seconds!

I also couldn’t resist adding in a teaspoon of pumpkin seed butter and crunchy almond butter.

Ah... to die for... nut butters!

Ah… to die for… nut butters!

In the British healthfood shops there is so much available to make these smoothies magic. I am very spoilt for choice! 🙂

…  can’t wait for more morsel magic tomorrow 🙂

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