Kamorii's new approach to illustrating intimacy and sex has great 21st Century appeal!

Kamorii’s new approach to illustrating intimacy and sex has great 21st Century appeal!

The brave new world of Kamorii has finally arrived, inviting you into a “Comi Con” style world designed to make sexual expression much more fun and creative! Flying solo or riding in tandem, Kamorii invites you all! Only you, the receiver of this visual stimuli, can set yourself free to harness your creative pleasures and sensual treasures 🙂

So what can Kamorii bring to your bedside table?

As a self-ordained practitioner in the arts of creativity and Sensual Energy eXchange, I’ve immersed myself into anything and everything over the years (within the realms of legality of course!) The appeal of Kamorii is that I am being challenged to consider my position on positions! Are there really over 540 sex positions my body could do, of which over 110 sex positions can be sequenced into streamline movements like a ballet dancer? I think most adults would like to have some choreographic gusto ‘behind closed doors’, bursting forth into the next thrilling sensation one after another 🙂  Take advantage of Kamorii’s own sex position player to perfect this!

And for those looking to get a little more fit for the advanced sex positions, I recommend you try out yoga’s ‘sun salutation’ where your body flows from one posture to the next with beautiful fluidity. Feel the pumping of vital life-force through every cell. It feels amazing, sexy, stirring …

Then open up Kamorii to complete the performance 🙂

Being a more gymnastic lover might be just what you need!

Being a more gymnastic lover might be just what you need!

To add to the excitement, imagine messaging your lover “time to wash the mud flaps darling!” with a link to Kamorii’s “Peg Series”?! Followed by another message a few minutes later with, “… and bring your nail brush for the hot bubble dip!” linking to Kamorii’s “Bath Play” user guide. Flexting has never had it so good until now!

The magic is all in the eye of the beholder!

I so LOVE user guides. And I especially like user guides that might make my weekend plans that little bit more daring and maybe even downright dirty if time permits! Kamorii has some exciting labels here, like “the million dollar lick“, “the cliffhanger technique“, “sundial massage” … and its here where Kamorii really sets the marker for learning through tasteful visuals to take you on the journey. Unlike so many books on sex and techniques, Kamorii does not rely on the written word only, with pages and pages of text to bore your senses from the outset. The artwork of Kamorii is stunning, breath-taking and sensual. Your eyes do the learning, the body will be yearning!

Kamorii models bring postures alive!

Kamorii models bring postures alive!

Kamorii is blessed with talented artists and writers from around the world. There is no doubt that living in the Age of the Comic is making an impact everywhere, and with Kamorii’s Founder being such a huge fan of the Comic Con world it is no surprise that her refreshing innovative approach to this genre should be comic-style. And it works so well. On a visceral level the artwork actually adds to the joy of the physical experience, unlike most books and websites in the same theme. Its a very fine line for hyper-realism and photography to be used for this type of content as the eye tends to get too distracted with the detail and it can become unsexy! Comic-style is about being immersed in another world, seamlessly moving from one event to the next without unnecessary distraction.

Land of kink

Kamorii provides a little something for your imagination!

Kamorii provides a little something for your imagination!

The place in the imagination that makes for a Mona Lisa smile and a little shiver is the land of kink. There is no doubt we find ourselves drifting to it every now and then, wondering if it could or should become reality. Kamorii jumps right in with both feet and gives you a splash of what could be with reassuring advice. Stockings, whips, fur handcuffs, … peanut butter, jam, cream, … Bring it on!

Learn from the best practitioners in the world of role play and understand terms like “switching”, “kinbaku”, “OTK”… Even if the Story of O or Fifty Shades of Grey didn’t intrigue you, the Kinky Time section on Kamorii has something for everyone. Certainly there is no harm in having a gist read especially if you’re in the dating game or returning to the dating world after many years ‘off the market’! Who would want to be caught out with a ‘pegging’ offer and finding themselves blindly accepting with fingers crossed!?!

Mistress of my own destiny!

Kamorii inspires you to really own your self expression!

Kamorii inspires you to really own your self expression!

I am a huge advocate of keeping your own power and not outsourcing too much of it. Knowing your own power is something you become aware of at quite a young age as being pretty important to get what you need to survive on this planet. Sexual power is part of that ‘power portfolio’ and like any healthy portfolio, it needs careful investment and protection throughout your lifetime! Kamorii has some empowering ideas for solo play, self love and learning more about your own body for women in the Woman Solo section. Become more of the Goddess you know you are already! Be brave and video yourself! Why wait for the sexting invite from your lover to take some hot pics!?! With practice, you’ll be more concerned with the lighting and composition than wondering if your ‘bum looks big in this!’

Feeling power requires self-empowerment. Kamorii takes you on the gentle journey to achieve this and have fun as you go!  Lock the bathroom door and chocks away!

Plenty for women on top!

Plenty for women on top!

Harnessing your divine-ness is one of the objectives of Kamorii and one writer shares some Tantric ways of being. From my own experiences, just taking some time to look at the tantric techniques can open up more worlds of karezza, sacred union, Egyptian ankhing and a whole host of other thrilling journeys! These are life-changing experiences with no looking back!

For women especially, the big “O” can be important for maintaining a healthy life-force and the essence of youthfulness. Kamorii provides plenty of big “O” guidance with beautiful illustrations to ensure more precision navigation and coordination! In my opinion, these sections are invaluable to any woman wishing to be a mistress of her own destiny!

Note: Kamorii is currently only available in English but there will be launches very soon in several other languages to serve the global presence. The lady writers of Kamorii are also busy with their keyboards to bring more Kamorii delight so watch this space if you managed to get through all the sex positions! At the time of publication, full access to the site’s content requires a one-off payment of just $25.00.


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