Ma soeur et moi

Saying goodbye to 2013 at The Concert Noble in Brussels was such a pleasure… after enjoying the thrills of tightening our corsets whilst sipping champagne at the midnight hour in the Thon Hotel EU, our arrival at the Royal Ball at 01:30 was such a treat! Making our way through the myriad of friendly costumed party revellers, we were greeted with very elegant lighting and interior decoration, all set within the wonderful architecture of the ballrooms 🙂

Boogieing the hours away under grand chandeliers, the Neo Retro Agency put on quite a show to provide everyone with blissful amusement ’til 06:00. Long past Cinderella’s bedtime, we know… but what joy!

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Neo Retro performers heating up the party

Ma soeur et moi

Chandelier moods

More Neo Retro performers heating up the party

S. M. la Reine Emilienne de Tauride et ma soeur

Chandelier shenanigans

Costume delights!

Is tonight the night to meet the prince?

More costume delights!

Bring on the revolution!

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