So I’m in my studio on Saturday and its sunny. The weather reports are promising a sunny 16 degrees for the Sunday coming. I get excited as I look at my bike, thinking we must go for a ride tomorrow! I need a little country air and to benefit from the much-needed sun rays…
Come Sunday 07:00 and the early morning is crisp with mottled clouds over a very pale blue sky – promising!!  I had opted to wear my nice summer Assos overshoes for the first time, as well as my windproof jacket over a cycling jersey, long Castelli lined leggings and sport my fingerless Assso gloves.

Eating Indian burfi with cold numb fingers!

It’s been a while since I’d ridden the bike so I took a little warming up at the start of the route! My fingers were cold and numb, but I hung in there knowing the sun was due to come out soon. Brussels is also a little colder than it’s neighbouring regions, so as you approach Sterrebeek you gain a degree or two. The air also smells sweeter and cleaner, and I like the Flemish urban landscape unfolding before me, along with the vast planes of flat fields and woods flying by my view.

Grey skies but still smiling!

The sun never came out!
And the temperture stayed between 3 and 8 degrees!
No wonder my hands never warmed up. I got a little calf muscle knot before approaching a long steep berg, but there isn’t much a cyclist can do in these circumstances 🙂 Just pedal, grimace then smile and dream of the hot shower you’ll soon have!

My fabulous cycling coach has all the knowledge and encouragement to keep any cold-shy novice smiling, and thankfully he cheered me up every hill and watched my back on the fast descents (the need for speed… I love it!). This 59km route is his winter training route, but with me in his peloton today it took him almost double the time to finish it, but he finds coaching is another string to his teaching bow and I’m a well-behaved student!

Coach with cold fingers but warm heart!

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