Just a perfect Day…

“Oh such a perfect day, weekenders on our own
It’s such fun
Such a perfect day you made me forget myself…”

Thanks to everyone at TW Classic 2013 for making Lou Reed’s songlines come true. This was truly a wonderful day with friends, and I was very impressed with the Belgian festival scene (once again!). Great vibes, plenty of smiles everywhere and the sun blessed us all day with a perfect 25 degrees.

Love, joy, freedom!

Sun rays upon us!

I lost my voice singing with the superb Debbie Harry!

On our way to a Flemish suntan…

Mr Bruce was just heaven!

Sven got me the biggest piece 😉

The sun left us, the waxing moon joined us…

Originally published: Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 at 10:36 in Living matter, Monologues


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2 Responses to “Festival bliss”

  1. SvenL says:

    It was a superb day indeed! And I love that Lou Reed’s song btw, has been a long time I heard that one. The piece and warmth and lyrics of the song do represent how that day was.. And the suntan is a success too 😉

    Next stop Gentse Feesten 😉



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