I had an amazing trip to Finland in October 2002; a fairytale adventure of Faerie full of ghosts, pookahs and reflections of self. A wonderful place for romance, getting lost in love and enjoying the fear of knowing life will never be the same again!

In the darkness, ask yourself… is that a wolf I hear? A bear? Or just the sound of my soul in the trees?

Feeling the blue hue of Kontiolahti, Finland, 2002

Where trees have eyes!

Choppy waters at Kontiolahti, Finland, 2002

Recommended link for accommodation! Upon arriving at our chalet, our enchanting hosts had placed tea-light candles all around the chalet and leading to the doorway. What a beautiful site that was! At that moment, I just knew this was going to be a wonderful place to melt with the snowflakes and lose myself! I loved being naked most of the time, lazing in the sauna, making the wood-stove fire, waking to the pine smells each morning, sitting by the lake with my vodka shot, and, well… other stuff too!

Something else a little funny from Finland… 🙂

Is this how they celebrate my name in Finland?!

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