Baby bird given shelter after a flustered first flight!

Early one morning I was stirred from my warm slumbers to a small thud against my window. After a few moments of leaving my dreams I opened the curtains to find the tiniest little bundle of feathers shaking in a pile of twigs, cobwebs and dust beneath the sill. Not wishing to scare the little baby bird, I just let it know I was there and would try to help.

I figured the baby bird had attempted first flight, and probably flown towards the windows to land on the mirrored branches of the silver birch! Since the parents of the baby bird were bound to be watching somewhere above, I figured it would be best if the baby bird was more visible.

I relocated the baby bird very carefully to a small hollow in the wall, which provided some shelter but gave better viewing for birds landing in the garden (like Mr BB, for example).

Parent finds lost baby bird after hearing “I’m here” tweets!

After a short while, the parents appeared in the silver birch and fluttered around the branches until one of them heard the “I’m here!” tweets! It was amazing to see the parents fly down to the baby bird, first to check everything was fine before coaxing the baby bird to attempt more flying lessons. The baby bird just wanted food and attention, not flying lessons… and for the rest of the morning the baby stayed in the wall hollow.

Afternoon arrives….

Second flight attempt leads straight to the tree!

The parents seemed very concerned that their offspring was very reluctant to move. I had been watching them all morning and now even I was worried that the baby bird may be doomed if flight was not attempted soon. With all the willing of spectators, including Mr BB, the baby bird hopped out from the hollow and flew straight towards the tree about 1 metre away!  Not exactly a bold flight, but one that made us all chirp with delight and relief!

Further flight attempts led the baby bird to a fire-escape ladder, where another hour was taken preening and tweeting for food, and then another clumsy flight was attempted. Luckily, still in one piece, the baby bird took another hour for siesta. His parents meanwhile put on amazing flight displays to encourage their offspring! There were frequent feeding sessions and regular monitoring of their baby with much love.

Third flight from tree to the fire-escape ladder, then preen time!

Attentive parent gives baby bird some encouragement!

Fourth flight is a crash-land into another window but recovers quickly to observe the world a little higher up this time

Dusk is coming….

The day is drawing away from the sun and baby bird’s parents are wondering how the day will end. Feeling the pressure to perform, and to reassure the audience that the day will end well,  baby bird makes a bold flight towards the last rays of sun on the palm fronds.

Fifth flight before dusk comes… can you spot the baby bird?!

Sitting there gently bouncing, baby bird contemplates the next steps and spends the next hour or two flying between the palms and the silver birch, much to the joy of the audience!

I watch them for a few more hours in the silver birch and eventually they head back to the nest to rest, altogether as a family. It has been a hard day for everyone, and a hard day of lessons for the baby bird.

Over the next few days, the family continue their coaching and encouraging baby bird to enjoy the freedom of flight!

How amazing it must be fly and….

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