Khuri sun

Another dawn awakens to the sweet sonnets of sunrise and song; my dreams full of melody and romance beneath the fan-cooled bed sheets, yearning for smooth kisses around my ears. The Indian deserts knows how to sing to their ladies.

The camel, a symbol of love in India, knows exactly where it belongs. As I do.

My dunes

Khuri dunes

Khuri shadows

Desert resident

Desert cat snuggle!

Sleepy desert huts

The camel, the Indian symbol of love

The desert journeys are like dehydrated dreams: through a hazy dawn mirage a lone jackal-dog wanders aimlessly by the roadside, the occasional carcass strewn and splayed out like a ghost-like buffet, the relentless simmering horizon of amber and searing blue sun, silo skeletal plants casting fingerlike shadows and eagles circling low above the red-violet bruised sands. Under the hot sun, life and death seem too close to you. I remind myself that death must wait for now hoping the eagles soar higher… I fell asleep with a shiver.

Too proud to say cheese

View from Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer sunrise

Jaisalmer fort

Lady of the desert

Jain temple

Deities at Jain temple


Desert residents

Bikaner fresco

Bird of prey, a sketch 2012

Cow and moon, a sketch 2012

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2 Responses to “From Bikaner to the desert (Jaisalmer, Khuri…)”

  1. Julia says:

    Well your drawings are just incredibly beautiful – love them 😉 xx

    • Thanks J 😉 There are a few more drawings to post, so you’ll see them when I get around to publishing the remaining India articles…. I’m just too distracted by Dexter at the moment (you know what I mean!)!!


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