In the spirit of enjoying my greens, I added a little purple to my breakfast and evening dinner today 🙂

Tossing coconut, bananas and sprouts in a pan for toasting

Purple banana breakfast…

This breakfast is very simple and keeps the tummy rumbles at bay for quite some time! Smear some peanut butter on sticky oaty rye bread, and top it with toasted coconut, bananas and sprouts (only takes a few minutes in a pan to make this up). Serve with a fruit juice or hot mint tea!

Peanut butter coated rye-oat bread, topped with toasted coconut, bananas and sprouts

Kidney beans on greens…

For an evening dinner or lunch perhaps?

Prepare some red quinoa (made up in just 12-15 mins, and add a little piece of vegetable stockcube to the water).

In a pan, cook some onions and garlic, crumble in a little vegetable stockcube, and then add in some sliced mushrooms, followed by some cooked red kidney beans. Add salt/ground pepper to taste. Add some cream or milk, and warm up but not boil. If desired, for extra taste and nutritional value, add fenugreek powder and turmeric. Then, toss in plenty of fresh parsley but barely cook it, keeping everything very crisp! Serve with salad leaves and watercress. (15 mins max to cook). Enjoy mortal morsels!

Red quinoa served with a milky sauce of mushrooms and kidney beans, onions, garlic and parsley, served with salad and watercress

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2 Responses to “Green and Magenta Edible Magic”

  1. SvenL says:

    Mmm, like the last one! The first one is not so my thing. – (comment purely based on the photos) Enjoy your healthy meals!

    • No need to fear the peanut butter, bananas, coconut… or is it the sprouts you don’t fancy?!!
      I’m still enjoying my experiments to create ‘off the cuff’ ‘easy-to-make’ ‘fit for a goddess’ banquets! More to come…


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