I’m still licking my lips from this one 😉 So I’m writing this for myself to remember!

Spinach is always a little tricky to incorporate in everyday nutrition, due to its slight bitter taste. Personally I don’t mind this now; I drink it raw most days blended with açaí berry juice, which seems a perfect partner. My attempts to meet Popeye one day may not be in vain!

So I was in the mood for more halloumi cheese action, but wanted to factor in quinoa and spinach this weekend, but also needed to satisfy a slight sweet tooth. Not sure why, but I’ve been dipping my fingers into the jar of peanut butter one too many times this weekend!!

Turmeric-toasted halloumi cheese, onions & spinach on a bed of quinoa, topped with sweet chilli dressing

First, note that garlic can be added, or not, as your tastes prefer! Same for seasoning with sea salt and/on ground peppercorns.

The fresh spinach leaves should be washed, chopped into strips with scissors or with a knife and put to one side. (I clean my fruit and veg using a white vinegar soaking followed by a water rinsing, even if it’s bio and pre-rinsed.)

Prepare some quinoa (made up in just 10-12 mins; add a little piece of vegetable stockcube to the water).

As the quinoa cooks, pop a little knob of butter in a sauce pan and carefully toss in some cubed halloumi and chopped onion. Once sizzling nicely, sprinkle on some turmeric powder (as much as you desire!) and add a little piece of vegetable stockcube.  Season to taste. Gently stir it all together.

Then add the spinach strips and softly stir for just a few more minutes before serving on the bed of quinoa.

If desired, add a little sweet chilli sauce on the top!

Bon appétit! Eet smakelijk!

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