I have  a strange magnetic pull towards Hawaii… I’ve not been (yet!) but images dance in my mind often as I imagine what a little time spent there may be like.

There are many glass artists there too, perhaps drawn to the natural molten underworld beneath their feet, the fire pouring in their veins inspiring the glass to flow like lava… ah, to dream… one dreamand another

So, as I ramble on like an untamed blackberry bush, I share my latest cooking experiment!  This is a tasty chewy-chocolatey-orangey breakfast, partially inspired by my memories of Amor y Cafe in Caye Caulker but dedicated to my imaginary Hawaii, so I call this “Aloha Granola”!

“Aloha Granola” served up with a little cream topping 🙂

A portion of this every morning keeps the hunger rumbles at bay until late afternoon 🙂

So if you want to try this yummy breakfast, gather the following (organic if possible)!

  • Butter
  • 100 gr Desiccated coconut (or the real thing if you’re lucky to have it!)
  • 700 gr Rolled oats
  • Cup of Sesame seeds
  • Half-cup of Linseeds
  • 100 gr Fair-trade chocolate with very high cocoa %
  • Couple of large tablespoons of Honey
  • 180 gr Orange marmalade

Grab yourself a deep saucepan and pop in a tablespoon or two of butter. Once melted, pop in the rolled oats. Stir into the butter, keeping it all moving and not sticking to the pan base.

“Aloha Granola” in the making! Heating up rolled oats and desiccated coconut

Then pop in a few large tablespoons of orange marmalade. I use half of the 360gr jar 🙂  Stir in well.

Adding a few tablespoons of orange marmalade to “Aloha Granola”!

Then pop in the sesame seeds and the linseeds. Stir in and keep the mixture moving.

Now the best bit 😉  Break up the chocolate bar into small pieces and pop into the mixture!  Try not to nibble at it… 😉

Stir in well, letting the chocolate melt. I like to keep a few pieces slightly solid as they’re lovely to crunch into when served cold.

Breaking up high % cocoa Belgian chocolate to “Aloha Granola”!

And we’re done! Place the “Aloha Granola” into a sealed box to refrigerate. It will reside in the fridge for several days… only coming out in the morning when you serve your yummy breakfast portion! You can eat the granola ‘as is’, or topped with a little milk or cream, and if you really what to power boost it, top it with some sliced banana!

Storing “Aloha Granola” in a sealed box ready to reside in the fridge

One last tip: you can add dried fruits, other jams, other seeds, etc. to this mixture as you’re making it up. The combinations are endless!

And, at the time of serving, you can add fresh or canned fruits, topped with milk, cream, fruit juice or yoghurt.

“Granola Aloha” served up with canned pear halves, juice and a little cream topping 🙂

And to accompany it, besides coffee (which I won’t give up for now!), you can try this gorgeous smoothie: Just blend together a bag of raw spinach leaves, couple of bananas, honey to taste and linseeds. SO TASTY!

Spinach, banana, honey and linseed smoothie! SO YUMMY!

E ʻai kākou! Bon appétit! Eet smakelijk!

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2 Responses to “Homemade granola, me ke aloha!”

  1. Ab'yz says:

    Now I want to try this as well :)Hopefully with more success than my last attempt of cooking one of your recipes 😉

    • Just keep focused dearest G, keep focused… and maybe your good man should stay out of the kitchen for just 10 minutes 😉 The rewards will be worth it, I assure you!! XX


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