The clouds on the Belgian coast are so dramatic, like Monroe’s skirt blowing around her, soft whiteness teasing your eyes, drawing you in.

And so we returned, ma sœur et moi, with invitations to those in great need of summer air, sand and sea, and to enjoy BBQ nights sipping Rochefort in pyjamas until the moon consumes sleepy eyes!

We bought a kite too, which spent more time in the sand than in the air, but boy what fun we had trying to get it up in the skies! At some point, I just couldn’t stop laughing at how hard it was to fly one. We really thought it would be easy as we watched kite surfers effortlessly gliding on the sea and toddlers mindlessly wandering with their kites 50 metres up in the air whilst picking their noses. My sister and I gave up the kite when I almost found myself entangled in a kite surfer’s ropes as I ran backwards to catch a breeze…

Fun toys for the beach breeze!

Love the duck, the dolphin, and the…

De Haan architecture

Pale golden sands and turquoise parasols…

I am the kite, says JK!

And I hold up the sky!

JK with her inflatable fun!

Rail station

Civic pride in bloom!

Inflatable fun just purchased!

Ma sœur et moi, we enjoyed a spa day too, taking in the steamy outdoor swimming pool feeling perfectly Ibicenco. The Turkish spa and Swedish saunas are a welcome to cleanse the soul inside out, just as falling into the arms of the massaging water jets is sheer heaven!

Floating from the spa, ma sœur et moi cycled around the little lanes at leisure. The bikes we hired were in dire need of TLC but we suffered them for the freedom of getting about.

At midnight, we liked to cycle to the kids’ playground to play on the swings, see-saw and climbing frames… you never forget how to play like a monkey!

Time to get fit! JK takes to the pedals

Our chalet garden was busy with bunnies hopping around; mummy bunnies playing with their little baby bunnies, and daddy bunny coming to join in every now and then. The young male adult blackbirds hung around the trees eyeing up their female counterparts, and a young teen cat visited our place each evening for a saucer of milk and JK’s crab pâté.

Our chalet neighbours! Oh, Bunnies, so cute you are….!

Bonjour! Pâté de crabe et le lait chaud, serveuse!

Night time in the chalet garden… with a crate of Rochefort 8!

Ma sœur cooked for most of the week – she managed the wonderful English breakfast every morning, where I assisted by cooking the fried eggs my-style, and she toasted herself by the BBQ most evenings grilling cheese and veggie delights for all 🙂 Oh, do let me overindulge at summer!

Ma sœur’s wonderful halloumi-veggie kebabs!

Photo from the chalet in De Haan… ah, days gone past…..

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2 Responses to “Kites & inflatable stingrays!”

  1. Coach M says:

    So grateful you both took pity on me and scooped me up from Brussels. It was a lovely couple of days even if, with my broken foot, I wasn’t able to go on the beach or frolic in the cold, cold sea!


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