Warm banana basking in a milky honey and coconut sauce, sprinkled with cinnamon

As we rabbit hop into the delightful month of May, my brain’s desires for ever tastier highly nutritional molecules are insatiable!

Learning to work in the atelier for several hours at a time, without a real break, is something of an art too (unless you want to keep turning the torch on/off, and going through the safety procedures each time… no thank you!), and I seem to be taking on more and more creative projects, creating more ideas, bursting with endless energy and enthusiasm. I think I may be heading for human combustion!

Just hope that happens in the atelier, as I’ve fire-proofed most of it 😉

So my atelier schedule and what does one eat? Well, I have a hearty oaty breakfast with a nice stove-top cafetière coffee (and maybe a caffeine-chat if anyone is around online/real-time!). I take my jug of raw spinach smoothie into the atelier to enjoy during the day, starting at 13:00-ish. A typical atelier day finishes just after midnight (the kiln has to be supervised during annealing… no getting around that unless I find a willing assistant!!). Just before I start the anneal process, when the torch and tank is safely closed and I’ve cleaned up, I prepare my late afternoon meal. These meals have to be quick to make but must be healthier than a take-out pizza!

Today’s tasty flying treat consisted of 2-courses! I was HUNGRY!

Broccoli, kidney beans & halloumi skinny-dipping in a coriander cream sauce

Broccoli, kidney beans, onions and halloumi tossed in a coriander cream sauce

First, note that garlic can be added, or not, as your tastes prefer! Same for seasoning with sea salt and/on ground peppercorns.

Take a deep sauce pan and add a little olive oil. Heat, then add some sliced onions. Crumble in a little vegetable stockcube. Cook these softly until creamy. Add 1cm cubes of halloumi cheese and stir in. Let them bubble together! Season to taste. Add some coriander powder (as much as you wish for taste… I like a lot!). Next time I’ll try fresh coriander leaves if I can find them … this would be tasty too…

Add some cream or milk to the pan (approx. 100 ml per person depending on desired portion size and thickness), and warm up but not boil.

Add some drained tinned kidney beans to the pan. Stir carefully into the sauce. Lower the heat.

Then add the slices of broccoli. Gently stir together. Keep everything very crisp and don’t over cook, i.e. 5 mins max!

When ready, serve topped with linseeds!

Warm banana bathing in a milky honey and coconut sauce

Warm banana basking in a milky honey and coconut sauce

This was so easy I wasn’t going to write it up, but then I thought I might forget, so…

Using the same sauce pan as above (assuming you are ready for dessert!!… and, you ate everything in the pan!!), add  some milk (approx. 150 ml per person depending on desired portion size and thickness), and warm up but not boil. Add several tablespoons of desiccated coconut, per person, to the milk and stir (as much as you desire!). Add a tablespoon of honey per person.

As it bubbles up nicely, add the sliced banana (one per person unless you’re super hungry!).

After 5 minutes, serve and sprinkle with a little cinnamon powder. Enjoy!

Bon appétit! Eet smakelijk!

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