Lodi gardens, New Delhi

Arriving at the New Delhi homestay Saubhag as the moon shines brightly is quite a contrast to the past nights in India. The much-loved host of Saubhag has a formidable status on TripAdvisor, and I was more than happy to be on the receiving end of this extremely delightful and intelligent lady!

New Delhi was a little unfathomable to me. I found the monuments and sights to be overshadowed by the sheer pace of traffic and stepping anywhere by foot seemed somewhat inadvisable!  Fortunately, Saubhag’s expert driver, Ravi, had good control of the itinerary and nothing was missed from India Gate to Old Delhi!

Lodi Gardens is a beautiful place to wander around for an hour or so. I could have stayed longer but light fades quickly at 16:00 this time of year.

A gothic moment in Lodi gardens, New Delhi

Homestay, New Delhi

Taking a cycle rickshaw around the streets and markets of Old Delhi is an absolute must for every visitor. Even if you can’t photograph everything at break-neck speed, the colour, the smells and the sites will stay with you for a long time!

Old Delhi by cycle rickshaw

Old Delhi by cycle rickshaw

Beads, Old Delhi market

Leaving Old Delhi market, heading to the mosque

Beans, Old Delhi market

New Delhi to Old Delhi by cycle rickshaw

Cauliflowers…. or are they pineapples, New Delhi

The Sikh temple is more than just a place of local worship; this is a place of respite for those in need of unconditional care, food and shelter. Over 80,000 people are fed here everyday and many sleep the streets in and around it. A visit to the temple’s kitchens will give you an idea of the capacity required to maintain these life-saving services.

I also had a small miracle when I visited here… my sinus’ were very blocked when I entered the temple but when I left I was breathing an alpine mountain!

Sikh temple

Sikh temple

In contrast to this haven, just 20 minutes walk away, is the affluent but dull Connaught Place, where I spent a few nights at the end of the trip before flying to Qatar.

And here a few other New Delhi highlights…

Arch of sunlight, Humayun’s Tomb, New Delhi

Qutb Minar

New Delhi fog

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