Sven Nys dances on tbe pedals to take the win!

Wrapped snuggly in my warm blankets before morning light, I stirred as John Travolta burst into my dreams.  The sound of Manhattan Skyline danced under my sleepy eyelids until I suddenly realised this was no dream!! The PA system was performing a sound check from the town square… and then I laughed so much it hurt at the thought that maybe all Overijse’s residents were dreaming of Travolta too!

Delirium? Well, it was early!

Sven Nys, Druivencross 2013 champ!

And why? Because today was the Druivencross in Overijse!  This is a spectacular Belgian cyclocross race; part of a sensational sport I’d started to follow since I arrived in Belgium in 2008. This year I’d moved to Overijse during the 2013 season and missed a lot already. Seeing this race ‘live’ in my new locale was going to make up for this loss!  And what a fantastic day we had!

For just 10 euros, you can enjoy watching the races anywhere along the route, snapping your photos, taking a Belgian beer and frites, and moving around as you wish. Everyone seems very happy and relaxed, and the nature aspect of the fabulous setting is a great backdrop for the races (men and women race here throughout the day so there is plenty to watch).

Weather was mild – or was that because I had 4 layers on!!  I don’t know. I just consider no snow, no ice, no rain and no wind for a cyclocross as a mild day!

My photos below cover all but one of the top 14 making it the finishing line, the reward for tearing up these tough woody laps with a face full of grimace. Respect.

Sven Nys and Klaas Vantornout, finished in #1 and #4 placings

Sven Nys, working hard for his big win!

Lars Van der Haar, finished #2

Mick’s first time watching the race and loving it!

Kevin Pauwels, flying start but finished #3

Marcel Meisen (on left, finished #5) and Bart Aernouts (finished #6)

Thijs van Amerongen, finished #7

Me snapping Niels Albert as he heads to the finish line

Niels Albert coming in for his #8 placing

Dieter Vanthourenhout, finished #9

Rob Peeters, despite looking sickly pale finished #10!

Jens Adams, so determined he finished #12 (coming in after Jim Aernouts)

Mariusz Gil and Martin Bina (on right, finished #13)

Lubomir Petrus, finished #14

And a few extra photos of more riders braving the race 🙂

Jonathan Page

Dave De Cleyn

Radomir Simunek Jr

Micki van Empel

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8 Responses to “Overijse Druivencross 2013”

  1. Mick says:

    Enjoyed that! Thank you.

  2. Mike says:

    Cracking stuff as always and brill photos. I was sad not to be there because every year it’s an excellent, competitive event and to think that on this edition I could have simply popped back inside for a brew whenever I wanted, that would have been the icing on the cake.

    Very happy that you got to go though and I hope that it piques your interest for the Tervuren cross and thereafter the 2014 road season, especially the Brabantse Pijl and the Druivenkoers later in the year! 😉

    • Thanks Mr P! Yep, it’s one thing to watch the cycloX at home with the beers and bowl of salty radishes (yum!), but I could get addicted to seeing more of these races ‘live’…. just like the road race Classics! Same vibes… cold, harsh but thrilling! From a filming perspective, these cycloX events allow you to get a bit closer to the riders than say trying to film riders at the TdF (which is tough, as we know!).
      From what I can see on this calender, the Tervuren cycloX has been replaced by the Leuven cross. We could head to the Diegem on 29 Dec??

      • Mike says:

        Tervuren was pretty cool but it’s true that I don’t remember seeing it on telly recently, so I guess that explains it.

        The Leuvencross is at Heverlee so very close indeed if you want to see that. Diegem is traditionally run in the evening under cover of darkness with spotlights. If that’s your bag, we could certainly do that! 😀

  3. Terence says:

    Glad you enjoyed your first live CycloX 🙂
    Next appointment: Brabantse Pijl!


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