When the weekend comes and you see that Belgium is “weatherless” and too cool for June (no surprises here), then there is only one thing to do…leave the Brussels city dust and head for the hills!

Riding out of Brussels early on a Sunday morning is pretty easy. You can ride towards Wezembeek-Oppem, then onto Tervuren… into Overjise and Ottenberg… Plenty of undulating countryside, pine tree smells and sun dappled woody areas to enjoy.

J and coach somewhere near Overjise

J showing off clean bike, before the day really starts…

If I have one observation about the Sunday traffic, it is the carelessness of Sunday drivers. Most of them are still fast asleep at the wheel in their SUVs and 4x4s, and they often make some stupid decisions on the road. Overtaking is the worst… My advice to any rider is to think that everybody on the road doesn’t see you and hence anticipate as much as possible! I find it’s the best way to stay alive!

J looking a super pale in sunless Belgium!

My coach was pleased that I managed the climbs and paced myself over the 66km, but he was a little disappointed that I didn’t push myself harder on the climbs! I admitted I was holding some energy in reserve, just in case, but I learned today that a rider must push his or her boundaries, to feel the pain. This isn’t just for fitness and performance, it’s for mental strength. Next time…. 😉

Coach already watching the clock, critiquing today’s performance 😉

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One Response to “Poinçonner les roues vers Ottenberg”

  1. SvenL says:

    You coach looks very serious on these photos 😉
    Good luck with riding and not getting killed on the road!


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