Exhibit by Damien Hirst

Chatsworth House. Decadence, delight, drama and beauty. A living wonderland each December!

Get ready to enjoy the decorative arts and go crazy in the stables! Splash out on the wine, the mince pies, the roast dinner, and don’t dare leave without purchasing your peacock feathers and cast-iron keys!

Chatsworth House

Exhibit by Barry Flanagan


Exhibit by Barry Flanagan

Chatsworth hound!

Exhibit by Damien Hirst

Garden pan pipes

Chatsworth hounds!

Egyptian figure of the Goddess Sekhmet, Lion goddess of War and Strife

Keys to heaven?

Chatsworth dining

Ma sœur devours all the mince pies!

Chatsworth House mince pies with clotted cream. Yum!

Feeling the world on her shoulders?

This lovely hound sleeps by Endymion, a handsome shepherd in Greek mythology, kissed each night to sleep by the moon goddess Selene. To embrace him forever, Selene asked Zeus to grant him eternal life, which he did and put Endymion into eternal sleep. I love these stories!

Exhibit by Antonio Canova, this hound rests by the sleeping Endymion

Veiled vestal virgin

Mask and garter

Evening light


Ma sœur par la lumière


Ma sœur, ma mère et moi

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