Last weekend I enjoyed a 2-hour wander around Richmond’s little winding streets of boutiques and cafes, whilst listening to my favourite EBM sounds on the earphones. I took a quiet lane towards the river and sat there awhile in front of Asgill House* (in the Crown Estate of Richmond Palace) sipping a nice takeaway latte. The skies held the darkest of clouds but occasionally piercing shards of sunlight burned like lasers across the fallen autumn leaves 🙂

Once upon a time, at Richmond Palace...

Once upon a time, at Richmond Palace…

Once upon a time there was a tree...

Once upon a time there was a tree…

I did wonder if Queen Elizabeth would have enjoyed her coffee in this very same spot, having sneaked a few bean bags from her beloved British East India Company!

Very nice view of the river, even today…

Moody waters

Moody waters

I also like the village green here in Richmond-upon-Thames, where nearby the local college‘s Open Day has be very busy with enrolments this month. I decided to check out their brand new art studios (this includes new spanky glass studios for some very exciting glass art course!).

Mmmm… may be a good opportunity to learn some ancient kiln arts like the lost wax techniques… 🙂

Village green

Village green


* I learned a little about this house, known as Richmond Palace in times past. It was first occupied by Henry I in 1125 and Edward III died here in 1377. Richard II made this his main residence in 1383, along with his bride Anne of Bohemia, but when she died it seems the palace fell into sorrowful ruin. The palace was rebuilt by Henry VII who later died here in 1509. Henry VIII celebrated Christmas here with the first of his six wives, Catherine of Aragon. In 1540 Henry gave the palace to his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, as part of her divorce settlement. Queen Elizabeth I spent much of her time at Richmond, where she enjoyed hunting stags in the Old Deer Park. She died here in 1603. Charles I and James I also spent time here.

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