Gentse Feesten in one word… BRILLIANT!!!!!!

So many smiles, tasty vegan kebabs, Jenever sundowners, crazy dancing, wild music, abundance of love, joy to be alive and freedom to just “be”… ! What else do you need?!

Clock moon

Feesten sipping

Feesten arrivals, S and JK

Feesten grins!

Feesten legs!

Pole Pole stage

Sunflower after dusk

Faster than chopsticks, J

Monsoon fun for S, J, G and JK

JK footy

Feesten Jenevers

JK toasting

Feesten’s message to Jesus

Feesten sprinkles

Dawn remnants


Pole Pole by day

Tin drumming

Glass art in Gent is alive and making a kick! We visited several glass galleries and a glass art boutique, all beautiful in design and colour. And of course, stained glass and metalwork is everywhere…

Glass art of Gent, Mestdagh

J glow by fish!

Dancing in Gent

Studded Gent home

Glass art of Gent, Mestdagh

Sculpture of Gent

Stained glass peacock

Humpty with wings

And a little dedication to a few creepy crawly friends who kept us company whilst sunbathing in S’s garden.

Sociable spiders in Gent!


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5 Responses to “Should be Gentse Feesten everyday!”

  1. Emidio says:

    Last weekend I was in Greece 🙂 otherwise I would have been happy to join you

  2. chokotoff says:

    great 🙂

  3. SvenL says:

    We really had a great time here… again! 🙂 Yeah, there’s a reason why I live in Gent 😛

    Thanks so much for the fab time together with you and Jude!


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