My Flemish friend took me on a jolly to a town just over the Belgian border in the Netherlands called Sluis, and what a joy that place is!

The Dutch have a discerning style to their urban architecture and you can always count on them for a tastefully painted windmill to welcome you.

The streets, the shops and boutiques, the cafes, the squares, the canalsides, the churches… they are all beautifully clean and well-kept. The boutiques are wide-ranging with eye candy displays, but if you’re looking for choice in toiletries then Sluis is a shopper’s paradise! Customer service has a certain Dutch correctness too but it’s often accompanied with twinkling blue eyes!

Colourful boutique window displays of Sluis
(this photo is dedicated to my friend Gabi!)
Mar 2013

One of the refreshing highlights of Sluis is the approach to how their boutiques sell merchandise for sensual pleasures. Besides certain boutiques I know in London, the Sluis window displays and interiors are extremely women-friendly and tastefully designed – and I don’t mean the awful gaudy pink glittery branding that is often used to attract female buyers! In Sluis, the Dutch go for minimal fuss and the potential buyer is invited to peruse and explore like any other kind of boutique. And for me, this is refreshing!

Lamp posts and bikes, Sluis
Mar 2013

Wandering around and chatting at leisure with friends is something I like to do, and Sluis is a good place for this. There are plenty of cafes, tearooms and restaurants interspersed between the shops, some with canalside terasses for a picturesque siesta.

I’m already looking forward to my next trip soon!

Windmill, Sluis
Mar 2013

Canal, Sluis
Mar 2013

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2 Responses to “Sluis, a wonderful toy-like town!”

  1. SvenL says:

    Hi Justine, I too loved the day out. Nicely written what the town is about, and I can only agree that their approach of shops for sensual pleasures I’ve only seen it here so far. Prepare for our next trip soon! Big hug! x

    • Thanks for showing me the sights that day Sven, it was fun indeed! Next time I’ll take more photos… And yes, I have my wheels and camera ready for the next action-packed Flemish-style guided tour 🙂 See you soon!


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