Following an energetic afternoon in the garden (weeding and watching cute insects), I didn’t realise it was 20:00 and had missed by usual slot for late afternoon dinner!

So, not wanting anything too heavy at 21:00, I put together a quick little ‘miso’ for myself. And so I share…

In a sauce pan, pop in a small knob of butter, some sliced garlic cloves, sliced onions, some sambal (enough to suit how hot you like it!) and crumble in 1/2 a fish stockcube (for 1 person serving). Heat up together, stirring quickly.

Soba noodles & broccoli ‘miso’

Then add a little water, heat up, and then add ginger powder (fresh ginger if you have it!) and star anise powder. For dried spices and herbs, I usually use 1/2 tablespoon per person serving, but be careful not to use too much or the base can become ‘powdery’ tasting! If you’re not sure, use 1/4 tablespoon, heat up, taste, then add more if required.

Stir and heat all together.

Then add a couple of glasses of water to the pan and heat up, mixing it all together. Add a few dashes of teriyaki sauce . Grind in a little black pepper as desired. Heat to a nice simmer.

Once simmering, add a ‘finger’ or two of Japanese (buckwheat) soba noodles (the portions of dried noodles are usually wrapped with cute little ties for each serving). Gently press the noodles under the surface of the soup liquid. Then, place thin slices of broccoli on top of these. Heat up to a healthy simmering, but not to boil!

My noodles were cooked in 4-5 mins, but test your noodles before serving. Nothing worse than over-cooked slimy noodles!

Once the noodles are ready, serve in a bowl and top the ‘miso’ with some sesame seeds  🙂  I didn’t have any in the cupboards so boo hoo for me!!

Bon appétit! Eet smakelijk!

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2 Responses to “Soba Noodle & Broccoli ‘Miso’”

  1. Coach M says:

    Mmm, never thought I say it but, I could really eat some greeeeeeen vegetables right now! ;-D


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