I just had 15 – 20 minutes to make something up, and, I had a little tin of pink rose salmon with bones… and some spinach leaves in the fridge… hmmm…

These days, I tend to be driven very much by intuition, desire and serving my soul (and maybe others, if/when!). I wanted the salmon, and the spinach, and my taste buds fancied quinoa… then I remembered I didn’t have fresh tomatoes, but then I spied a can of plum toms in the cupboard. So, voila. All decided 🙂

Quinoa topped with salmon, spinach & tomato sauce with parmesan

As I always say…. first, note that garlic can be added, or not, as your tastes prefer! Same for seasoning with sea salt and/on ground peppercorns.

The fresh spinach leaves should be washed, chopped into strips with scissors or with a knife and put to one side. (I clean my fruit and veg using a white vinegar soaking followed by a water rinsing, even if it’s bio and pre-rinsed.)

Prepare some quinoa (made up in just 10-12 mins; add a little piece of vegetable stockcube to the water).

As the quinoa cooks, pop a little olive oil in a sauce pan and carefully toss in chopped onion. Once yellowing nicely, add the canned tomatoes (as much as is needed per person). Chop at these with a wooden spoon to break them up, and add a little piece of vegetable stockcube. Season to taste – lots of pepper! Add plenty of dried dill (or fresh if you have it). Gently stir it all together.

Once the sauce is nicely blended, add the canned salmon with bones (crush these if you wish). Blend in, careful not to mush!

Once heated through, add the spinach strips and softly stir for just a few more minutes before serving on the bed of quinoa.

If desired, top with shavings of parmesan cheese.

Bon appétit! Eet smakelijk!

Originally published: Thursday, May 1st, 2014 at 17:10 in Aproned Angel, Monologues


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