Blessed with a 2-hob ceramic stove-top, I’ve enjoyed the last nine months of rising to the challenge of making healthy meals with absolute minimum fuss, and in some cases, serving up to three courses for four people, which I think is pretty cool! The solo efforts give me more scope to make a quick crêpe and tasty Roquefort cheese sauce, for example, but when more than one is dining I have to think more adventurously 🙂

Anyway, enough of the dull logistics!  Here, I find an alternative to ‘oven-baked’ stuffed bell peppers 🙂

sizzle sizzle... stuffed peppers and halloumi chunks!

sizzle sizzle… stuffed peppers and halloumi chunks!

Broccoli, spinach, onions, garlic & parmesan cheese sauce, ready for stuffing the bell peppers

Broccoli, spinach, onions, garlic & parmesan cheese sauce, ready for stuffing the bell peppers

For the ‘stuffing’, I put fresh broccoli, spinach leaves, garlic, onions and grated parmesan cheese into a blender to make a coarse pureé sauce. I also froze a few batches for later in the week…

I then cooked up a portion of the pureé.
Then, I ‘cored’ and cleaned out the bell peppers, ready to stuff with the hot pureé.

Placing the bell peppers in a deep pan, I let them cook lightly with the pureé juices bubbling nicely inside. Meanwhile, I popped some chopped halloumi chunks into the pan at the side, as shown in the photo, and browned these slightly.

Serve in a deep dish to keep the bell peppers upright!

I also served this with a side portion of brown rice, since all the sunshine has been making me very hungry! Well, that’s my excuse anyway!

I could not resist the photos below of more Brussels “silliness”! In Jubelpark (Parc du Cinquantenaire) you can observe the craziest of ideas to entertain the bystanders, and in some cases, potential diners! I heard a seat on this carousel of tummy rumbles is minimum 50 EUR … not sure what they serve, but a bathroom break is probably off the menu 🙂
One year they placed a ‘cube’ on top of that arch for diners to enjoy a more unusual view of Schuman and Merode as they nibbled on pricey canapés.

Suspended dining!

Suspended dining!

Serveur! Où se trouvent les toilettes?!!

Serveur! Où se trouvent les toilettes?!!

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