At last, I finally tasted the Westvleteren 12 at the brewery.

To my lips I savoured the best in the world!

Bought some Westvleteren 8 to bring home – the 12 had run dry in the brewery shop, as anticipated! But it doesn’t matter as the real experience is to sit with all the other pleasure-seekers blissfully sipping at heaven’s gate! Everyone, and I mean everyone, knows they are tasting angel’s brew 🙂
The bread, cheese and apple tart are also recommended tasty morsels!

Served with the brewery’s cheese and apple tart. Yum!

I wanted company for such an event, so persuaded Coach M to come along with his healing foot… kicking and screaming he was…. NOT!

Looks like another reason to go back for this beer, to do the wandelroute!

Originally published: Saturday, August 31st, 2013 at 21:39 in Living matter, Monologues


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4 Responses to “Take a day out for the best…”

  1. Coach M says:

    As for the beer itself, here’s my version of events (or what I remember from the haze ;)):

    • You had the real pleasure of sipping TWO Westvleteren 12, and hence I remember your “haze” looking like a big grin for the next 3 hours followed by a dreamy sleep in the car on the way back 😉 Lucky you! Next time, I’m booking myself into a nearby hotel to experience that big grin for myself!


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