Soeur à double acte

As I embark on my next “trip of a lifetime”, heading east this time, I have found myself reminiscing more than usual of past events and people in the last 5-6 years. Not sure why I should be more reflective than usual… Perhaps its the imminent expectation of New Year’s resolutions, the next Chinese New Year, the Mayan calendar, et al?  Do these things serve to remind us all that transformation is inevitable, and if we are to transform for the better, then perhaps we should pay homage to those who shaped us one way or another!?

Since I’m a firm believer that a picture can speak a thousand words, I put together a montage of some of my favourite things, people and places over this time. I have thousands of photos so it was hard to choose, and obviously I don’t have photos of everything I love and like…. So for now, I will be satisfied with what I do have and share it with you 🙂

(I love) blue cheese at London’s Borough Market, 2008

Chilean friends, 2006

Ashley asks why ladies need handbags…

Baby shark in Key West (no animals were harmed in this photo… they are all loved)

Mystery 8ch

Hallstatt on my big four zero

Soeur et Soeur, 2006

Egyptian yellowfin goatfish say “bob” to my underwater camera.. so beautiful they are…

Belgian weather never changes…

Awesome fire tornado in Sheffield

Atelier sculpture in Uzes, very sensuous

Friends on a Brugge daytrip

Grand-dejeuner chez soeur

Birthday Mike in black & white

Jean Fouquet, a masterpiece

My snorkel

Key Lime Pie in Key West, 2007

Room with a Loire Valley view, 2010

Speak, hear, see no evil, 2008

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I, Jim and Ashley near a very windy Eastbourne, 2007

Soeur et Soeur, 1995

Soeur anniversaire, London 2008

Snowboard y yo, 2009

Franz von Stuck, The Sin

I in Belize, 2012

The End. For now.
Happy 2013!

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2 Responses to “Tis the Season…”

  1. Julia says:

    Wonderful article full of many great memories 😉 Wishing you a fantastic trip “East” – I am sure you’ll have an amazing time – I don’t know anyone who hasn’t come back from there full of joy and extreme love for India. We will miss you while you are away and will be thinking of you on your adventure. Great happiness for the festive season. Much love Jude & Ma XxX

    • Thanks J! I’ll miss you too… especially our daily chats about saving the world, animal rights and dentists 😉 Have a jolly holly sticks Crimbo and I’ll be straight over to London in January to celebrate my Eastern tales with you, and maybe the Chinese New Year at Hakkasan, so keep my seat warm on the Tube! Love J.X


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