… like shiny black olives and just as tasty

I never thought cycling shoes could be sexy but I have been proved wrong! The Sidi Genius 5 Pro in black patent is a work of art to behold and to wear when pedalling squares on the Look Keo 2 Max pedals. The shoe bindings include 2 velcro fastenings and a caliper binding similar to those found on snow sports boots. The fit seems perfect for my feet shape and the technology is such that I don’t feel them when I’m pedalling, nor smell them after they’ve performed 😉

Women’s Sidi Genius 5 Pro cycling shoes with Look Keo 2 Max cleats

And after each ride I give them a nice polish and display them in the bike studio for eye-candy pleasures 🙂

Originally published: Sunday, August 26th, 2012 at 19:32 in Living matter, Monologues


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